Tiffen Q-13 Color Separation Guide - Small

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The Tiffen (Formally Known As Kodak) Color Separation Guide & Gray Scale Q13 (Small) is a quality control device of stepped, neutral values to help the photographer (1) compare the tone values of reflection originals with the tone values of the reproduced image, (2) compare exposure and processing in a photographic environment so that changing conditions can be identified, measured and controlled, (3) "balance" negatives and positives in a traditional color reproduction process that requires the use of masks, separation films, and filters, and (4) determine values for plotting tone-reproduction curves.

Tiffen Color Control Patches help the photographer compare the color of the subject with known printing colors. They also help the graphic arts camera or scanner operator identify color separation negatives and positives for color reproduction processes. They consist of RGB, CYM, black, white and grey swatches in addition to a grey scale.

Camera Assistants routinely cut the gray scale and color bars and paste them on their camera slates. This gives the lab an accurate way to color correct a timed print. Both scales are 8" wide.